Steam cleaners

Discover our versatile steam cleaners for a thorough cleaning experience. With our steam cleaner and handheld steam cleaner, you'll effortlessly clean a variety of surfaces in your home, from floors to carpets, kitchens and bathrooms. With powerful steam power, you'll remove stubborn dirt and bacteria while enjoying an eco-friendly cleaning solution. With our steam cleaners, cleaning becomes a simple and efficient task.


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Achaté Steam MopAchaté Steam Mop
Achaté Steam Mop Sale price$88.00 Regular price$98.00
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Achaté Steam Cloth - Microfiber Cloth - 2 PieceAchaté Steam Cloth - Microfiber Cloth - 2 Piece
Achaté Steam Cloth - Microfiber Cloth - 2 Piece Sale price$17.00 Regular price$23.00
Achaté Handsteam cleanerAchaté Handsteam cleaner
Achaté Handsteam cleaner Sale price$66.00 Regular price$88.00