The Importance of Office Hygiene: tips for a productive workplace

Het belang van hygiëne op kantoor: tips voor een productieve werkplek

The importance of office hygiene: tips for a productive workplace

A clean office is crucial to employee health and productivity. Regular cleaning and organization of the workspace is essential to reduce absenteeism and promote a positive work environment. Here are some comprehensive tips:

Regular cleaning

Regularly cleaning desks, chairs, keyboards, phones and other frequently touched surfaces is vital. Make sure the cleaning products used are effective against bacteria and viruses to prevent the spread of germs. Consider instituting a cleaning schedule that involves daily cleaning and weekly deeper cleaning.

Keep it tidy

A tidy office contributes to a sense of order and reduces distractions. Encourage employees to keep their workspaces tidy by organizing paperwork, throwing away unnecessary items and neatly tidying away cables. This can help improve overall productivity and reduce stress.

Get efficient and save time

Make cleaning easier and more efficient for you and employees by using the best cleaning supplies. For example, the Achaté steam cleaner is very useful for cleaning surfaces quickly and efficiently without using detergents.

Encourage Healthy Habits.

Encourage healthy habits among employees, such as regular hand washing, using tissues when sneezing and coughing, and keeping personal devices such as phones and keyboards clean. This can help reduce the spread of germs in the workplace and promote overall health.

Involve Employees

Involve employees in cleaning and organizing the office by regularly discussing hygiene practices and encouraging them to take responsibility for their own work areas. By involving employees in maintaining a clean and organized work environment, you create a sense of shared responsibility and teamwork.

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